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4 Intriguing Ways to Lose Fat

Dealing with the pain and discomfort with being overweight can really take its toll on you. Not to mention the negative mental side effects that come with it. Our self image is so important in society and our overall health.

Losing Weight Takes Time

By now, you’re probably starting to wonder what these intriguing methods are in order to lose weight. We are about to get there, don’t you worry!

Before we do though, we want to take the time to adhere to all the health and fitness restrictions out there at the current moment. Please consult with your doctor before doing any of these tips. Unless you’re healthy as an ox, you should always seek medical attention.


Speaking of consulting with a medical professional, this company provides a consultation for under thirty bucks.The doctor asks questions about your health, gets to know you and figures out your DNA by putting your body through various tests.

Then… BOOM, like magic you get a customized plan that helps you lose fat and weight. Here at Upstairs Montclair, we put our stamp on it, especially since we are from the Tri State area. We were skeptical at first, but after reading nj diet reviews and speaking with our friends that tried it, we decided to also give it a try.

#2: Aaptiv Fitness App

Here we go! Fitness time, and what better time than now? That’s right, there isn’t. The thing with fitness is you need to get your butt up and get going. Aaptiv fitness is one of the best ways to lose weight while running or working out. Just listen to the coaches from the app and start doing what they tell you to do.

There’s music in the background as the coaches “coach.” It’s free for 7 days, unless you can find a special offer, then you can get it for 30 days free. After that, it costs around one hundred dollars.

#3: Fat Freeze

Oh yeah! I said it! Freezing fat… why is it looked down upon? Mainly because once you do it once, you will have to do it over and over. But, we at Upstairs Montclair believe that is true with anything. Just like fitness, you can’t just lose weight, do all the hard work, and not maintain doing that hard work. You have to stay consistent for whatever you’re doing.

There are plenty of ways to freeze your fat. For example, there are fat freezing systems that you can buy and use yourself. They are expensive, but worth it if you find the right one. There is also a company called CoolSculpting. Plenty of retailers out there and medical offices that provide that type of service. Check out your local directory and see if its a fit for you.

#4: Shakeology

The infamous BeachBody on demand company that also provides additional ways to lose weight and fat. Shakeology is one of the best ways to cut fat because you are putting better nutrients in your body.

If you decide to go with shakeology, you will be very happy you did. Our entire team here wakes up at 4 AM every day, we use 21 day fix and then drink our shakes at the end of our workout. If you want to be more strict with your diet, then don’t take the shake or eat anything until 9am.

Wrapping Up

We’ve reached the end of our four intriguing ways to lose fat and unwanted weight. Our hope is that you will choose one of these proven ways to reach your goals. Always remember to consult with your physician before doing anything.

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